“Who am I? is the only question worth asking
and the only one never answered.”

— Deepak Chopra

• Do you ever wonder why you are the way you are?
  • Do you feel your life is lacking a sense of purpose, or that there is more to life?
    • Do you have difficulty understanding your child or someone else close to you?
My life’s purpose is to help people find the answers to these types of questions.
We are, each one of us, born on purpose, for a purpose; we are meant to be here. We are not born as blank slates, waiting to be influenced by the vicissitudes of life—instead, we are born with a definitive personality that has been carefully crafted by the Organizing Force of the Universe, what we refer to as our soul.
    We each have a unique mix of gifts and talents, of beliefs and desires, of genius and passion, that represents the spiritual aspect of our personality. It also means that we are very different from one another, much more so than we might imagine. Understanding who we are, and how different we are from those around us, helps us to gain peace and fulfillment in life. We are all born different, with different goals and missions in life, and being able to understand these differences can help us to relate to others more effectively. We are meant to be the way we are, just as they are meant to be the way they are.
    Most people are aware that they have a soul, but in general don’t pay much attention to it. But in fact, our soul is who we are. Mainstream scientists declare that our personality is a product of inherited DNA coupled with our upbringing (Nature + Nurture) while at the same time saying that people are “born that way” or have “God-given gifts,” reference to an inherent aspect of our personality. The Human Genome Project has found little evidence that human traits are inherited through DNA, so we have to ask ourselves, Where do these innate traits come from? My work shows that they arise from the soul, the spiritual aspect of who we are.
    The search for enlightenment is the search for the truth about who we are, and it is our life’s work to find out what this is and live it. Each of us is an essential thread in the proverbial tapestry of life, all the parts making up a fully-functioning whole, becoming, in effect, the multi-celled organism that is humanity. We owe it not just to ourselves, but to our family, our community, and to human civilization, to make this quest to discover who we are and what it is that we are to contribute.
“If we knew the soul better, we might be ready for the conflicts of life.”
— Thomas Moore, from his book “Care of the Soul”
    My methods are scientifically-based yet intuitively inspired, and give effective and profound solutions to many of life’s problems. By helping others identify their innate gifts and talents—their unique individuality—I enable them to connect with their purpose and passion in life and realize their full potential.
    It is my great privilege to be able to help others as they take the inward journey to discover the truth about themselves and learn how they can fulfill their destiny. No one’s life is without struggle, but it is through struggle that we learn and grow. Knowing who we are and what tools we have been given to make it through life help make those struggles less challenging. Please contact me to see how I may be able to help you. I send each one of you blessings and peace as you make your journey through life. — Gillian Drake
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