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Do you ever wonder why you are the way you are?
Do you feel your life is lacking a sense of purpose?
Do you sense there is more to life but don’t know how to change course?
Do you have difficulty understanding your child or other family member?

I can help you with these issues. I am an experienced vocational intuitive with the life mission of helping people reach their full potential. My methods are scientifically-based yet intuitively inspired, and give fast, effective and inexpensive solutions to many of life’s problems. We are all born different, with different goals and missions in life, and being able to understand these differences can help us attain our life’s goals and greatly increase our ability to relate to others.
With a Soul Analysis Scan as a foundation, together we will explore who you are and why you are here.

A Soul Analysis Scan reveals the structure of the soul through the innate aptitudes and archetypes that determine who we are.
A Soul Analysis Scan Will Help You To:
      • discover your innate Genius
      • connect with your Passion
      • understand how the events in your life have served your spiritual growth
Fully understanding who we are and figuring out how to fulfill our purpose is a lifelong task, and a Soul Analysis Scan gives us valuable information that makes our journey through life a whole lot easier.

Results of a Soul Analysis Scan can vary from the subtle—confirmation that you are on the right path—to the life-changing:  finding the courage to leave an empty relationship, switch jobs, start a new business, follow a dream, or change direction in life.

It’s never too late to follow your passion and realize your dreams!