Beginning a New Cycle

WHAT BETTER TIME TO START MY BLOG than the Summer Solstice, the beginning of a new cycle and the end of an old, that time of year when the earth is at its zenith in its journey around the sun. I see it like the wheel of fortune, here we are at the top of the cycle, enjoying longs days of glorious sunny weather, at least in the northern hemisphere, with the promise of three more months of summer before we start to descend into the dark days of winter and the challenges that brings. It is a blessed time of year, when we wish time might stop still for just a moment so we can enjoy it all the more—but no, nature takes us gently and irrevocably into the future, to discover joys and and challenges imagined and unimagined. It takes courage to open ourselves up to life’s journey, to experience all that it is and can be. And this is my passion, to help other people be the best they can be, to help them understand who they are at the very deepest level, to help ease their way along life’s path. My quest is the quest for truth and I plan to share that journey with you here in this blog.

One comment

  1. This is indeed sacred space, which you so generously share with your friends. It is truly an English garden. I have so many special memories from this place–thank you.

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