Giving Ourselves Permission to Be Who We Truly Are

A CLIENT I SAW LAST WEEK REMINDED ME of how painful our passage through life can sometimes be. It find it helps to look at life from both sides: seeing the material side, and then the spiritual side. By doing this, we can often see the gifts that are hidden in the challenges, but which, when viewed from a materialistic perspective, can seem like a tragedy or a burden. It’s helpful to be able to accept these gifts gratefully, because we never know when some painful life event can actually be a catalyst to propel us on our spiritual path.
     Our goal in life is to evolve spiritually, not to have a comfortable life, or amass a pile of toys, or reach the pinnacle of our profession, though those can be part of our spiritual path too. Our mission is to use our unique combination of gifts and talents so that we can fully evolve into who we were designed to be; it is in this way that we participate and contribute to our society, it’s why we were born into it. No two of us are alike, and the most dysfunctional thing we can do in life is to want to be like someone else, or be who someone else wants us to be! I bet we can all remember going through that stage when we were young.
     So we need to embrace the quirks and talents that make us unique—this is what the world needs from us. Imagine how boring life would be if we were all the same! And when we fully embrace ourselves for who we truly are, Infinite Spirit supports us every inch of the way along our path through life.

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