John Boehner and the Miser Archetype

THE POLITICAL SITUATION THAT UNRAVELED IN WASHINGTON relates to my previous blog post, about the role of the public servant, and spurred me to find out what archetypal profile John Boehner has. He has been called a bully in the media, but in terms of archetypes, he is not a bully, he is the Miser, coupled with the Wounded Child, a pretty dismal combination. Sadly for us, he has no other redeeming features, and certainly not the Servant, the essential archetype for the role of a public servant, one would think. The Miser is the withholder — of love, of compliments, of money, of happiness, and of life. The really disturbing part is that virtually all the serial killers I’ve done profiles for have had the Wounded Child/Miser combination, including Charles Manson. Their deep-seated belief goes something like this: “I was abused and feel bad about myself, and I’m not going to let anybody else feel any better than I do, or have more than I do.” This can extend to taking someone’s life, certainly their livelihood and all they hold dear. Boehner will bankrupt the country to fulfill his personal agenda of preventing other people from having more than he thinks they should. His Miser archetype is in full cry, preparing to strip away social programs put in place to protect people who are less fortunate, paid for not by him, but by our taxes! But you do have to ask yourself who are the fortunate ones: those who live a life of responsibility and service, striving to make the world a better place for their families, their communities and the world . . . or someone like John Boehner who has so much self-hatred that he cannot bear to think that anyone else could deserve to be happy.
     As for the Bully archetype, fans of Survivor on TV will remember Colton Cumbie who left the game last week, like a spoilt child because no one else would play with him . . . or play his game. He is a classic case of the Bully and his performance on this series of Survivor, as well as when he was previously on the show, demonstrate how the Bully operates — their bullying strategy, their energy, only works if they have a target that “locks” with theirs, usually someone with a Wounded Child or Victim archetype. Their bullying doesn’t work with strong, evolved types, like the others on his team in this series who are all seasoned former Survivors who aren’t going to fall for his lies and manipulations. When they refused to play his game, he burst into tears and asked to go home, like a spoilt child — like the schoolyard bully who crumples when he makes the mistake of picking on someone who fights back. He might say that the reason “no one likes him” is because he was “gay growing up in the South,” but in fact, people don’t like him because of his bullying personality. You only have to watch the reality show Project Runway to see gentlemanly examples of the way gay men do function and treat other people to realize that it’s just an excuse for his bad behavior.

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