Eating GMO-free in Europe

TODAY I VIEWED A VIDEO CLIP OF THE DR.OZ TV SHOW explaining the dangers of GMOs and, equally importantly, the huge doses of pesticides that GMOs allow and sometimes require, and the resulting dangers to our health.
     “Many believe it’s a global conspiracy to keep you from knowing if you are eating genetically-modified foods. You want GMO foods labeled, but the food industry is fighting back, spending millions to keep those labels out of the supermarket,” said Dr. Oz.
    It was a reminder of the constant battle we have in this country to find food that is healthy for ourselves and for our children, and the gradual stripping away of our freedoms that have occurred over the past 40 years. This was bought home to me while on a recent trip to Europe – a couple of weeks in Italy and a couple of weeks in Spain, in the Canary Islands, at an all-inclusive resort. What bliss to relax in the sunshine and not have to worry about buying and preparing food! There were sumptuous buffets available three times a day, and plenty of other options should one feel peckish between meals. I tend to avoid eating out at conventional restaurants in the US, and if I do, I choose fish, because I know it’s wild and GMO free. But for those two weeks in Spain, I could eat whatever I wanted to, knowing that the food I was eating was free from GMOs and dangerous pesticides. I’m not saying the food was free from ALL pesticides, but just knowing that GMOs and antibiotic use in animals are banned in Europe made for a totally care-free vacation. And isn’t that what a vacation should be all about?
    We need to do all we can to force the labeling of GMOs in the US. Over 50 other countries around the world have banned GMOs, and yet here in the US we won’t even legislate their being labeled. This is despite the fact that about 92% of US citizens want to know what they are eating! This is a graphic example of multi-national industries “owning” our government. So much for the land of the free . . .

Shoreline, Fuerteventura, the Canary Islands
Gillian on the beach at El Cotillo, Fuerteventura, Feb. 2014

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