The Tragic Truth about Alzheimer’s Disease

THE TRAGIC TRUTH IS THAT IT IS A PREVENTABLE DISEASE. But your doctor is most probably not going to tell you that. However, evidence is mounting that a low-fat/high carb diet is disastrous for our health and is largely responsible for the epidemic of heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s that we are now seeing in America. The simple remedy to all these diseases is diet! We must eliminate sugars and gluten-grains from our diets. The price we pay is just too high if we don’t. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s, but it can be prevented—a healthy diet of whole foods, high in fats and quality proteins, can protect against this dreaded disease. Do not live in fear of disease, but take action: change your diet and change your life.

A Neurologist Speaks Out About Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

By Dr. Joseph Mercola, from
Dr. David Perlmutter, probably the leading integrative neurologist in the US, is the author of the New York Times’ bestselling book Grain Brain, and his advice is clear: Alzheimer’s is preventable through proper diet.
    After spending years treating people’s neurological symptoms, he grew increasingly frustrated with his profession’s lack of ability to get to the root cause. This frustration eventually led him to investigate the role of nutrition, and he became convinced that brain dysfunction is rooted in our modern-day high-grain diet. According to Dr. Perlmutter:

    “[Alzheimer’s] is a preventable disease. It surprises me at my core that no one’s talking about the fact that so many of these devastating neurological problems are, in fact, modifiable based upon lifestyle choices…
    What we’ve crystallized it down to now, in essence, is that diets that are high in sugar and carbohydrates, and similarly diets that are low in fat, are devastating to the brain.When you have a diet that has carbohydrates in it, you are paving the way for Alzheimer’s disease. I want to be super clear about that. Dietary carbohydrates lead to Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a pretty profound statement, but it’s empowering nonetheless when we realize that we control our diet. We control our choices, whether to favor fat or carbohydrates.”

    His book reveals how and why sugars and carbohydrates destroy your brain, and how to eat for neurological health. He notes Mayo Clinic research that reveals diets rich in carbohydrates are associated with an 89 percent increased risk for dementia while high-fat diets are associated with a 44 percent reduced risk. This combination of very little sugar and carbs, along with higher amounts of healthful fats is KEY for addressing not only Alzheimer’s, but diabetes and heart disease as well.
All of these conditions are rooted in insulin and leptin resistance, and the dietary answer is identical for all of them.
    Understanding this can make your life easier, as you don’t need to memorize the dos and don’ts for each and every disease you seek to avoid. Instead, what you need to do is shift over to a mindset that is focused on optimizing health. Disease prevention then becomes a beneficial “side effect.”



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