What is my Soul’s Purpose?

“He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.” —Lao Tzu

THIS IS THE MOST COMMON QUESTION I AM ASKED when I see clients for a reading. But it’s not an easy question to answer. Many people expect to get their marching orders quite specifically: “You will be a ______, and go there and meet such-and-such a person, and then go there and do this,” all within a specific time frame. But that’s not how it works.
      It’s true we are all here on some kind of spiritual mission—sometimes to expand our own conscious awareness, and sometimes, though more rarely, to teach a soul lesson, or even to change our society or culture. But to be able to complete our mission, we really need to know who we are.
      Sages from time immemorial have exhorted us to “Know Thyself,” and for good reason: it is only by knowing who we are that we can get in touch with the God-given gifts and talents that enable us to fulfill this Divine Mission. This includes the Domain which we inhabit (also known as our aptitude, or intelligence), and which Archetypes we have been gifted with. None of us is expected to do something that doesn’t “fit” with who we are designed to be; you won’t be expected to be a nurse working in West Africa if you have been gifted with musical talent, or are good at handling money—you are better suited to heal and serve the world in another way.
      Once we have identified our own particular areas of genius and archetypes, then we look for need. To fulfill our soul’s mission, we will be filling a need. Look around you and see what and who needs help, or what needs to be done. Are there problems to be solved? An organization or business to be started? People to be taken care of? Something to be invented? Look for something that needs your unique mix of gifts and talents. Communicate with Spirit and ask to be shown or led to situations where you can fulfill your Divine Mission.
      But be aware that this will just be the start . . . your mission will evolve and change over time. It will start at point A and meander throughout your life, giving you amazing opportunities to give and get, to teach and learn, and you’ll end up at point Z amazed at the journey you’ve taken—it will be something you never could have dreamed up for yourself. That is the value of “Letting Go and Letting God”—you will go in directions and have experiences you never could have imagined. But you do need to have faith in the process.

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