Angels in our Midst

Yes, there are Angels amongst us; they are not very common, but if we are lucky, we’ll have one in our family or circle of friends.
    Angels are kind, gentle souls who love peace and justice. They are honest, even ingenuous, maybe even gullible, and are incapable of planning or plotting any kind of crime or underhanded deed. They have a special quality, a lightness of spirit and a purity of intent, and at times you can imagine them wearing a halo, though they may not be angelic in all aspects of their personality. Angels can seem otherworldly, and may seem asexual, even androgenous, especially in men. Often highly sensitive, they find that the injustices of the world weigh heavily on their hearts, and their compassion can drive them to help the world in some way—maybe by working with animals or children, or the poor and the infirm.
    So far I have come across three men who had the Angel archetype; one is the poet Walt Whitman, another is David Hawkins, MD, the author of Power Vs. Force, and the third is Jesus of Nazareth, about whom I have written in my forthcoming book, “How to Analyze your Soul”.
    As for the Angel in women, the only celebrity I’ve come across with this archetype so far is Diana, Princess of Wales. Many people will remember as a beautiful soul who was greatly loved by many but maligned by those who didn’t understand her, including Britain’s royal family. She truly was an Angel in our midst, which explains her great popularity, and during her reign as future queen of Great Britain she became the most watched and admired person in the world.
    People may not have realized quite why they were so drawn to her; certainly the British royal family couldn’t figure it out. Many thought it was her beauty and youth that were the attraction, but it was in fact the special quality of the Angel archetype that endeared her to the public, epitomized by her big heart and her true compassion for others. Her former aide Patrick Jephson said she “identified with the victims on the margins of society,” highly unusual for someone so high born, and she became known for her work with AIDS patients and an advocate for banning land mines. This level of genuine concern for others is not something that anyone can aspire to, it’s an inherent quality, and Diana was born that way—she was from the Spiritual Domain, and with the Servant as her Dominant Archetype, and with the Angel and Heroine, she was destined for great things. Compare her with her Princess cohort, Sarah Ferguson, who married her brother-in-law, Prince Andrew, and you’ll understand the difference between the two archetypes. I still get sad when I remember the time of her tragic death at age 36, to think that the world, and her two young boys, were deprived of her caring and loving soul way too soon.


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