Another “spiritual leader” found to be corrupt

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh from India is yet another Saboteur posing as a spiritually enlightened leader, in this case a self-described saint who claims to have 50 million followers as leader of the Dera Sacha Sauda group. Known as the “Guru of Bling” and “Rockstar Baba” for his flashy clothes and lifestyle, he follows in the footsteps of master-manipulators like Gurjieff and Ouspensky, Joseph Smith and William Miller, showing a great interest in his own needs and wants and little interest in those of his followers.  
    His Soul Analysis scan shows that he has only three archetypes—the Wounded Child, Networker, and Saboteur, typical of the dangerous cult leader. He also is a new soul with a very low level of spiritual consciousness—in fact, he has not one shred of true spiritual conviction in his soul, shocking for someone who leads a spiritual group, but a sure sign of his brilliance as a con-man and manipulator.  Fortunately for his followers, it is the Networker archetype that has the most influence over his personality, so he’s not as dangerous as he could have been. Compare him to men like Charles Manson and Jim Jones, whose Saboteur influenced the areas of relationships and “career,” and who were vicious murderers and exploiters. In matters of the heart and the spirit, an encounter with a Saboteur can be devastating, as they strike at the very core of someone’s beliefs and trust about love and their connection to the Divine.
    Not surprisingly, Singh also has the Life Challenge of sexual orientation, similar to David Koresh of the Branch Davidians, so he preyed on both men and women. He has been convicted on two cases of rape — crimes which occurred in 2002 but it took 15 years to get him convicted, such was his influence with local politicians and law enforcement officials — and he reportedly forced castrations on hundreds of his male followers, promising them enhanced “purity” and “closeness to God.”  He is now serving a 20 year sentence for his crimes, and is also under investigation for two murders.   

[For more information about the Saboteur archetype and spiritual leaders, see my book “How to Analyze Your Soul”]

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