The Book

Know Yourself, Be Yourself____________________

How to identify the aptitudes & archetypes 
that form the structure of your soul
and frame your life’s purpose

by Gillian Drake

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“Know Yourself, Be Yourself” is a combination of scientific research and intuitive knowledge, and is based on a unique system that the author developed for identifying the components of the human soul—the Soul Analysis scan. This shows that there is a uniform structure to the soul and that we each have a unique personality profile that fits within this framework. Learning about our personal soul makeup leads to a deeper understanding of who we are as well as our purpose and calling in life. We learn that each one of us is designed on purpose, for a purpose; that our lives have meaning, that we are meant to be here—that life is not a random lottery, but there is thought and design behind every detail of who we are.

“Who am I? is the only question worth asking and the only one never answered.”
—Deepak Chopra

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, the tenet “Know Thyself” has been considered to be the foundation of enlightenment. The search for enlightenment is the search for the truth about who we are and it’s our life’s work to find out what that is, and live it. But it’s not always an easy thing to do, and it can take a lifetime to figure it out. The information in this book is designed to help readers get on the fast-track as they take the inward journey of discovering the truth about themselves, giving them a deeper knowledge of their innate gifts and talents and helping them to identify the passion that is the motivating factor in their life. This is information that leads to healthy life choices—in relationships, education, careers and vocations.
     Readers will learn about their Aptitude and their Dominant Archetype, which together provide a thumb-nail portrait of their personality. For instance, Tom Brady is Physical Aptitude + Athlete archetype; Hillary Clinton is Intellectual + Servant; Taylor Swift is Musical + Performer; Oprah Winfrey is Spiritual + Servant; Tom Cruise is a Communicator + Performer; Charles Manson is a Communicator + Saboteur; and Donald Trump is a Communicator + Midas (which is why he is a great property developer but not a great politician).
     The broad purpose of our lifetime on earth is to grow in spiritual consciousness and to experience the gifts and challenges inherent in our soul makeup. Following God’s will means expressing who we are—it does not mean doing something specific, but being someone specific: who we are designed to be. But how can we successfully be who we are, if we don’t know who we are? I wrote this book to help people understand this principal. We owe it not just to ourselves, but to our family, our community, and to human civilization, to make this quest to discover who we truly are and what it is that we are to contribute.
     Many people are confused about who they are and have difficulty finding their place in the world; they may feel like square pegs in a round hole; when they understand more clearly who they are, they will be encouraged to seek out a square hole­—that place where they feel they belong and can truly be themselves. Other people may feel like their life has no purpose and that they don’t matter; sadly, many become addicted to substances that dull their pain and confusion. But this book shows that we all matter, each one of us having been created on purpose for a purpose.
     Much emotional pain is caused by parents who expect their children to be like them. But we are born distinct individuals, and there is no shame or blame to be laid on either parent or child because we are different from others in our family, or from what our culture expects of us.
     This book shows that a better understanding of ourselves and the differences between us can only help to create a more harmonious community. In a world that seems increasingly fractured, we must learn to think of ourselves as individuals who are part of the vast and complex web of humanity—the human race—not as part of a group, sect, or tribe. When our individuality is repressed, or we are afraid of being ourselves, we lack personal power and feel the need to join a group to experience group power. But group power can be very dangerous
     It can take a lifetime to figure out who we are, often with many crises along the way. The knowledge contained in this book can help someone find their true path in life sooner rather than later, saving time and heartache.

“The best thing that can happen in your life is to figure out your life path as soon as possible and start making the plans necessary to be living that now.”
— Oprah Winfrey

Reading this book will help someone to:
• understand that they are here on purpose, for a purpose, that they matter and their life has meaning.
• learn that they were born with their destiny imbedded within them.
• learn to love and accept themselves when they realize they were designed on purpose, and with love, by the Organizing Force of the Universe, and feel relieved that they are meant to be the way they are.
• identify their area of Genius, for every single person is a Genius in one area.• better understand their strengths and weaknesses so they can move forward in life with courage and self-confidence, and help them with some of life’s most challenging decisions, such as what subject to pursue in college, or what profession or vocation to embark on.
• realize they have a spiritual side, that their individuality equals their spirituality, and that they will benefit by paying more attention to information they receive from the intuitive right side of the brain.
• improve their personal relationships by understanding the differences between themselves and others.
• realize that evil is innate, not learned, and derives from people who were born with specific archetypes. It is part of life, and it is society’s task to decide how to deal with criminal behavior compassionately and humanely.
• learn how the greatest achievements in human endeavor and creativity flow from the realm of Spirit.













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