•    Sample Scans of People in the News    •


Two people who were in the news this last year are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, recent rival candidates for the US Presidential election. It’s interesting to compare them to see the basic differences between them, which also reflect the basic difference between democrats and republicans. Hillary Clinton’s scan shows a brilliant woman, a public servant dedicated to helping make the world a better place, while Donald Trump’s scan shows a self-promoter who’s basically in it for the media attention and ego gratification. Hillary Clinton commands attention and respect like the Heroine she is, but it’s quite evident when you see the way Trump handles himself that he lacks the Hero archetype, though obviously he has been chosen.


It’s interesting to compare Hillary Clinton with former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt. We see they share much in common, both having two areas of genius – in Intellectual + Communications skills – as well as the Servant archetype. And both are also Heros, born leaders.


Another person constantly in the news is Russian President Vladimir Putin, and with mounting tensions in Ukraine over the Russian annexation of Crimea and over Russia’s support of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, there’s been some anxiety that he might be another Stalin in sheep’s clothing, or even a Hitler. But Putin is nothing like Stalin or Hitler, as these scans show.