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I have spent the past ten years developing the Soul Analysis scan, a method of determining our “God-given gifts,” those traits and talents we are born with that make us unique. These are aspects of our personality that are not inherited from our parents nor are the result of our upbringing and childhood environment (Nature/Nurture), but are part of an “energy package” we engage with at the moment of our first breath, and which gives us our individuality. Even identical twins, who share the same genetic makeup, have different personalities, talents, and goals in life; even conjoined twins, who share the same physical body, have completely different personalities. How can that be? Scientists do not know. But I have discovered that each of us is born with a blueprint, a pattern that reveals itself throughout the span of our life and that shows that we are born on purpose, with a purpose.
      Like everything else in nature, there is a pattern to the basic structure of our soul. This pattern can be likened to an operating system for the human nervous system, and the unique personality each one of us is born with can be likened to a software program that runs on this operating system, creating a unique individual totally unlike anybody else on earth.

Benefits of a Soul Analysis Scan
A Soul Analysis Scan is fun and rewarding, and you will be amazed at the insights you will gain about yourself and your loved ones. It is especially beneficial for children and young adults starting out in life, helping them and their parents understand which direction they should take in life and whether to pursue further education.

You Will Discover Your Dominant Aptitude
A major part of the energy package that defines who we are is our Aptitudes.  While we have varying levels of all the different types, we all have one area in which we excel—this is our Dominant Aptitude, which also represents our Genius and Passion, the thrust of our life.
There are 8 different types of Aptitudes, or Domains, that we can belong to:
• Intellectual Domain
• Physical Domain
• Musical Domain
• Communications Domain
• Visual/Spatial Domain
• Practical/Manual Domain
• Natural Domain
• Spiritual Domain

You Will Discover Your Area of Genius & Passion
Everybody has one area of Genius—yes, each one of us! And the driving force in our life that is the result of this Genius can be referred to as our Passion. This is where we feel a strong desire or compulsion to act a certain way or do a certain thing, such as make music, write a book, make things with our hands, start a business, become an athlete or an actor, or work close to nature. When people connect with their Passion, it’s as if they have been injected with rocket fuel—they finally see who they are, who they were born to be, and find a new purpose in life.
      On the other hand, people who are living their lives contrary to their Passion will have serious issues in life, either behavioral, psychological, or health-related, and will often find little reason for living.

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree,
it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

— Albert Einstein

You Will Learn About Your Archetypes
Archetypes arise from specific inherent beliefs that we are born with. For instance, many of us may have noticed that some babies enter the world afraid and convinced they have no personal power, while others virtually leap from the womb ready to conquer the world. It makes us wonder why are we all so DIFFERENT from the get-go.
      These inherent beliefs are called “archetypes,” as they create repeating behavior patterns that we have learned to recognize throughout thousands of years of human history. These behavior patterns also appear in myths, legends, stories, drama, novels and movies, where we see such Archetypes as the Hero, the Warrior, the Miser, and the Goddess in action.
      There are about 60 different archetypes seen in contemporary life. Each one of us has a unique combination of a limited number of these archetypes — some people have as many as ten, others as few as two or three. Knowledge of our own particular archetypes can give us profound insights into how we operate in the world at large, knowledge that can encourage us to be more accepting of who we truly are, even to set off in a new direction in life, and inspire us to uncover hidden talents and yearnings that have been simmering under the surface.
      The knowledge is also helps us to understand other people, such as family members and colleagues with whom we might have difficult relationships. We can get caught up in archetypal behavioral patterns with other people, such as Princess/Servant, Queen/Slave, Addict/Samaritan, Lover/Lover, and Knight/ Damsel, which can be hard to break. Understanding the power these archetypes can have over us can help us break out of unhealthy patterns and regain our sense of self.

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are . . . The most loving parents and relatives commit  murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are: a subtle kind of murder.”
— Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors

Soul Analysis Scan
Scans are done ahead of time and the results can be reviewed in person during a 45-minute counseling session in my office in Eastham, or via e-mail and telephone. Minors and others need not be present. I need only someone’s name to be able to do a scan for them.

Adult: $75
Child (under 18): $50
“KNOW YOUR CHILD” parent + child duo: $100
Counselling/follow-up: $45 per hour

Scans include a copy of my book
Know Yourself, Be Yourself

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Adult: $75 | Child (Under 18): $50 | Adult/Child Duo: $100
Follow-up/Counseling: $45/hr

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