•    Response from Clients    •


“I feel more at peace since our session, and I’m so grateful. Thank you. You are gifted!  I loved our conversation and look forward to more.” — Jane D., Financial Advisor, Providence

“You’re a gem, Gillian. I hold you in great esteem. You’ve been a teacher to me, and a guide.” — V.B., Actress, Australia

“Our meeting has shifted me and I feel ready to move on the ideas that have been swirling in my head. Your time and your analysis has been so beneficial to me! I have made a commitment to journal everyday and do those things that will help me heal and open/realign my throat chakra so I can do my work. Thank you again! It is my pleasure to meet and know you.” — M.C., Life Coach, Cape Cod

“Gillian Drake is an extraordinary creative teacher and guide of our time. She has designed a revolutionary system of Soul Analysis which reveals the blueprint of your destiny and your path to fulfillment. In addition to her brilliant paradigms, Gillian is also a gifted intuitive, an expert on health and wellness, and a very wise soul who can give you profound guidance for your life questions. I happily send friends and clients to Gillian for her evolutionary thinking and down-to-earth ideas. I also interviewed her for my best-selling book “The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women.” — Gail McMeekin, LICSW, Author of “The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women” and “The 12 Secrets of Highly Successful Women”

“I love it when you calibrate me! It’s a special gift that you have!” — Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Hawaii, Renowned Author and Speaker on Self-development

“Thank you for sharing your time with me last week in your lovely home. It was an extraordinary visit, and 
I feel encouraged and supported — and full of hope for the future. I know my whole family will benefit from our visit.”
 — G.H, Library Director

“You are amazing. Everything is going as promised, I can see the changes beginning to happen in my life, just as you said they would. And your book is fascinating. I am in awe of you!” — L.V., artist

“Many say that our children are gifts to help us grow spiritually. After Gillian provided scans on my children, I felt there was a greater purpose for all of us. I felt that there was a direction for them and that the big picture was already there, waiting for them. I just needed some guidance as to which lenses to put on to see it.”
— C.H-P, Educator, Eastham, MA

“Thanks again. I enjoyed our visit and thought after I left you that I can feel the amazing potential and excitement in what you are doing. Your gifts in the second part of life seem to be being used in such a deep and subtle way, so serviceful and graceful. And it feels like they are just beginning! You have a lot to give in the next years.”
— Denise N., Buddhist Nun, New York

“One session with you was more effective than a year of therapy! Thank you.” — K.L., Web Designer, Boston

“I realized I had been in denial of my physical, emotional and spiritual condition for quite some time, so thank you for opening my eyes. I am feeling better already because I have hope that, as you said, all these things can be fixed. I am still looking at all the info you gave me—it’s a lot to absorb! — Katherine S., Art Gallery Manager, Provincetown, MA

“I loved our session . . . I’m thinking that my anxiety is down after our session . . . I think I was trying too hard to figure out what I was supposed to do . . . I feel a lot of relief after our session and now can put my energies into things I love to do, and you have helped simplify my life” — Angela S., Realtor, Wellfleet, MA

“Thank you very much for keeping an eye on me. I feel I’m being catapulted to a new awareness. Knowledge is power and it so very exciting. I am so grateful for your gift and vision—and the session was really fun!”
— Frank F., Computer Technician, Dennis, MA

“My soul analysis scan was amazingly helpful, and I so enjoyed talking to you. Thank you!”
— Lee M.,  Administrator, Baltimore

“Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity today.  I so appreciate the information on my health and your recommendations. I will get right on it with those things!  I’m so impressed with your system, and wish you all good fortune as you bring it into the world.  I loved seeing your lovely old house and having tea with you as well.” — Valerie C., Chatham, MA, Artist and Teacher

“The session with you was just what I needed! It was life-changing. I was so excited about our session—your work has made a big difference for me.” — Jane K., Financial Advisor, Providence, RI

“I just wanted to thank you SO much for doing the kids’ personality profiles! It was fascinating to read what you wrote about each one. It’s such an interesting field, and you are so naturally gifted to do this kind of work! Thank you again Gillian!!”  — Amy W., Eastham, MA, Artist

“Brilliant! Thank you so much . . . I had so much energy yesterday when I got home, I was able to clean and organize in a way I hadn’t been able to in a couple of years . . . My mind is so much clearer, my body stronger, and my desire to really live my own life, so very renewed . . . since meeting you!.” — Susan L., Personal Assistant, Cambridge, MA


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